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It's not all just "Dad Jokes"!

One thing that I have found that I love are those things called "Dad Jokes". I found out that I love Dad Jokes when my wife gave me a calendar with a joke per day. That's 365 Dad Jokes. She may have regretted her decision. You'll probably even hear a Dad Joke when you come to Pathway Christian Counseling. It certainly couldn't hurt!

Last week, I was on vacation. I still had a few business items to take care of while I was away and in one of those conversations with a local pastor, I found out about a book entitled "Grace Based Counseling". Since I needed a vacation read and I had my Kindle with me, I ordered the book. And I couldn't put it down. It said everything that my heart wants to say and it was in print. So if you will allow me, I'd like to put a few things out there for those of you who wonder what Pathway Christian Counseling is all about.

I would expect that when a potential client calls Pathway CHRISTIAN Counseling for an appointment that they would understand from the beginning that we offer Christian, Biblical Counseling. But that's not always the case. Many times, our session start off with "I just want you to know, I'm not religious". My answer is always the same. "Praise the Lord! I'm not either! Religion is what killed Jesus!" Now not everyone always understands that it really is about "relationship" as versus "religion".

My new read explains this. "When we use the grace-based counseling framework, faith, hope, and love become the guiding forces of each session." In other words, our counseling stems from a "biblical worldview". I should quote the author. "What do we mean by a biblical worldview? Besides knowing the content and especially the absolutes of Scripture (e.g., morality) a biblical worldview is encapsulated in a biblical understanding of man's origin, the meaning and purpose of life, and how our eternal destiny is determined. And yet few Christians today describe themselves as having a biblical worldview. Research shows that only 17% of Christians who consider their faith important and attend church regularly actually have a biblical worldview. This shows that believers have a disconnect between what they are learning at church and how they are applying it in the real world. Even though a central element of being a Christian is to embrace biblical principles and incorporate them into one's worldview, research shows a vast pluralism in the worldviews of practicing Christians: 61% agrees with ideas rooted in New Spirituality, 54% resonate with postmodernist views, 36% accept ideas associated with Marxism and 29% believe ideas based on secularism. ...... As we mentioned earlier, grace-based therapy emphasize the importance for counselors to counsel others as if Christ Himself were directly speaking to them (see 1 Corinthians 2:16). In Corinthians 9, Paul gives those of us who are Christian counselors insight into what it means to counsel from a biblical worldview...." TO BE CONTINUED (MAKE SURE AND READ 1 CORINTHIANS 9)

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